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We help companies to create a culture of health by addressing physical, mental, emotional and social well-being in the workplace using Nutritional Therapy. Our work focuses on lifestyle and dietary changes, so that employees are focused, motivated and happy from the inside out. Improvements can be seen in the following ways – less absenteeism, lowered healthcare costs, a greater sense of well-being and improved loyalty and retention.

Health Talks

A 30 minute educational in-house session to provide employees with healthy eating and lifestyle tips including topics such as 'How to eat to beat stress' and 'How to improve your sleep'.

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Employees will have a 25 minute one-to-one session to discuss nutrition, health and lifestyle issues including sleep and stress management. The advice given is personalised for each individual. This bespoke advice includes strategies to improve the diet and lifestyle.

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Following on from the workshops, initial appointments can be offered to employees who would like more in depth advice regarding their health. These appointments are of 1½ hours duration, during which time we undertake a thorough case review including medical history, lifestyle and dietary information.

Individuals have the opportunity to discuss any health and lifestyle concerns and we offer them advice, guidance, encouragement and support to help them make positive changes. Following the Consultation, the employee will then receive a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan which includes the tools and resources to drive behavioural change.

In order to achieve a measurable outcome, we encourage individuals to commit to a minimum of 3 months, consisting of one initial appointment and two follow up appointments of 45 minutes each. Our aim is to get to the root cause of our client’s issues and we are both trained in the principles of Functional Medicine therefore all advice given is from an evidence based point of view.

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'Improvement is seen in employees by increased morale, commitment, performance and productivity within the workplace.'